CPA Driven A.I. Business Insights – Write a Job Description

Crafting job descriptions and postings can be time-consuming and challenging. However, unless it’s an entirely unique position, chances are others have already created similar postings for almost every job you’re seeking to fill. A perfect job for a generative A.I. bot. 

There are two commonly requested outputs that you can request:

Partially Completed Job Description

A partially completed job description template with placeholders for personalization. The AI generates the framework and draft of the job description, while you fill in the details such as PT vs. FT, salary range, etc. This approach ensures a polished, well-crafted job description – but still requires personalization.

Craft a Comprehensive Job Description

Craft a comprehensive job description that encompasses all the essential details specific to your company’s posting. This method might offer even greater efficiency compared to option 1, as the AI constructs the job description while considering all the pertinent specifics.

You have two options for creating the prompts: you can either free write a prompt and ask the A.I. to draft a job description, or you can request the A.I. to create a prompt template for you. The key to getting the desired output from the A.I. is to provide specific information in the prompt. The more specific the prompt, the more likely the A.I. will generate a job description that meets your requirements.

Free Write a Prompt

Ask the A.I. to Create a Prompt Template

Screenshots are from Chat GPT – – Please note that I have typed in the prompt into the software. The J or T represents our prompt, and the green logo is the AI’s response.

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