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Nonprofits play a vital role in our communities, yet they often lack the necessary budget and funding to hire support staff, grant writers, or other key positions that could greatly aid directors and staff in achieving their mission. However, generative A.I. has the potential to help bridge this gap.

In addition to the efficiency tools discussed in our previous blog posts, non-profits can leverage A.I. tools to help with grant writing and donor requests.

Grant Writing

Share your organization’s details, mission, and specific fund request with the AI bot to assist in drafting a grant proposal. The initial attempt might be too general, but you can then prompt the bot to expand or personalize specific sections.

Donor Letter

Just like with grant writing, you have the option to share organization details and ask the AI bot to generate a donor letter for a specific cause or general funding. It works best if you provide drafting parameters such as word limit and desired tone of language.

Additionally, please keep in mind that if you are not satisfied with the initial attempt, you have the option to modify the prompt and try again or request the AI bot to generate a new response based on the initial one.

Grant Writing

Drill down further for more robust grant requests:

Donor Letter

Screenshots are from Chat GPT – – Please note that I have typed in the prompt into the software. The J or T represents our prompt, and the green logo is the AI’s response.

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